Why It Works

Race into Reading is portable, needs no electricity and can be used with a group or single child. It can be played with while making dinner to keep children busy and focused while you are busy. It can be used when it suits you and suits your child without interrupting routines.

Several games from one purchase makes it economical.

An adult is essential to a child discovering the skills of reading. Children need an adult to gauge their success in understanding, to repeat things if needed, To model correct sounds in their accent, to correct and encourage them in a manner they understand and for a minimum of fifteen minutes of fun a day.

Games can leave children wanting more and that is a good thing and we encourage this because children will be waiting for the next day, eagerly. A time filled with joy and fun will result in great memories.

As the Finnish say, “Learning without joy will soon be forgotten”.

See a detailed explanation of how to use the kit here