The Alphabet Talks Phonics Reading Kit #1


The Alphabet Talks Resource Book + Card Game
For ages 2 – 6 years old.

The Alphabet Talks Card Game¬†compliments the The Alphabet Talks book. It allows children to experience hearing the phonic sounds with other words and pictures, practice listening for phonic sounds and finding words with a specific sound. Easy to use as a transitional game in childcare or while you’re busy at home.

The Alphabet Talks book is a great resource to promote pre-reading skills for children learning the alphabet. It can be read as a story book or used as a resource for children to enjoy on their early reading / school readiness journey from two years until six years of age. The kit contains the resource book along with the card game which are designed to compliment each other and reinforce learning for best results.

The kit contains the resource book along with the card game which are to be used together for best results

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Versatile Card Game allows for 7 activities/games listed below.

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The Alphabet Talks Card Game provides a child with an introduction to the alphabet phonic sounds in the Alphabet Talks book.

With a versatile card game that provides 7 activities in the one pack:
1. Teach the alphabet or phonic sounds
2. Play a game of musical phonics
3. Spot the difference
4. Spot the same cards
5. What’s missing
6. Grouping / Sorting
7. Matching

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