Presentations & Talks

Allow me to inspire you.

As Mary Poppins says, “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun; find the fun and SNAP the job’s a game!”

This includes staff meetings and staff training. Let me do this for you in the form of a trivia night!

Most of us are in the middle of the Bell Curve, even in our chosen profession.

Average in general but usually at the high end in particular activities.

In these areas we have passion or we are gifted and we excel.

It becomes easy to get through the day without needing the areas we fear

or feel we haven’t mastered.

However, does that really give children the best start to life?

Areas I excel in are literacy in the areas of English (and the classroom environment), Science, Drama and Music.
There are many areas that are not my forte.

I have worked in the field for over twenty years and have never seen one person do drama with the children and that is a tragedy
given it heightens listening, gives rise to expressive language, new areas of interest as well as incredible excitement and fun in the lives of children.

Do you wish to inspire your staff?

Would you like staff to respect their career choice more?

Would you like word to spread about how amazing your centre is?

Would you like better, even high, staff morale?

It begins with staff being valued.

Give them a staff meeting that is more than Dos and Don’ts.

Childcare should be vibrant, colourful, active and exciting.

A team of staff looking forward to the day ahead and the fun they will have with the children and each other as colleagues,
planning incredible activities to open the World to young children.

Topic areas available for training:

Trivia Nights:
Staff meetings and training Trivia nights will require staff to work in teams. Notes can be sent to your centre and Skype time can be co-ordinated.
Prizes will be posted in advance to be made available for the winning team on the night.

The world of drama is incredibly easy to bring to life in your children and environment. Children love to watch each other perform and participate
in it themselves. Go through the steps of teaching children to prepare for Drama; with awards and prizes available for staff participation and creativity.

Learn the art of presenting science better, making it literacy focused and more relevant to the Early Years Learning Framework.

Learn the hidden secrets of music! Discover for yourself the untapped creativity that lies within each child, the vast number of topics within music
and the powerful links music has to reading.

Please call to discuss.

Prices begin at $300.00