Arrange a Literacy Audit

Literacy is the cornerstone of all education from birth upwards. There is no point in a child’s life that literacy in all its aspects should be an afterthought. Dr. Kirk Panneton, Regional executive and medical director – BlueShield of North-Eastern New York, wrote Jan 21,2015, “ Literacy counts from day one and lays the foundation for a child’s success in school and in life”. In 2011 researchers tracked the literacy development of children under twelve months of age to discover the factors that make it possible to predict a child’s reading ability at five years when they are between eighteen months and thirty months of age.

I am an Early Childhood Teacher whose business believes the literacy experience of young children in a childcare service is the barometer for the overall health of education programmes operating in a Centre – such is the importance of language. Language and literacy in a Centre room takes very little time in a day and an audit will help you evaluate if those few minutes occur or are effective.

Race into Reading offer a FREE initial overview of your centre followed by a deeper literacy audit if requested at an additional cost.

When assessing literacy in a Centre the following is important:

  • The Programme
  • Transition Routines
  • Classroom Environment
  • Outdoor Environment
  • Daily Records
  • Children’s Journals
  • Extension Planning are very good indicators of what is occurring

Every room, from the babies up, should have specific literacy programming in place and Educators should be aware of how and why it is playing a part in the life of a child developing literacy skills. Play without language objectives is play with little benefit.

Literacy is –

  • Exposure
  • Experience
  • Engagement by a child

Allow Race into Reading to audit your Centre and inspire your staff. Mary Poppins saying “In every job that must be done there’s an element of fun, find the fun and SNAP the job becomes a game!’ is true for literacy with young children. It should never be boring. We are able to make it easy, simple, fun and creative for staff and add a splash of curiosity to engage children. We help plan for transition time, free-play or a language group; for one child or many.

Our belief is a literacy focus boosts an education programme to a higher level. Whether you feel that staff need a little TLC to boost creativity and work performance or you are wanting a higher assessment rating of your education programme with  CECQA or believe an audit of language and literacy may help your Centre with their Quality Improvement Plan please contact Bronwyn via email at or phone on 0404 407 576 for more information or to arrange an audit.