Bronwyn Drury

Bronwyn Drury

Childrens Author

About – Bronwyn Drury & Race Into Reading

As a parent, my older boy told me at four years and one day old, he wanted to read like me and within seven months he had accomplished this.

As an experienced Early Childhood Teacher I have asked many children aged three and four years old if they would like to be able to read and one hundred percent said yes.

When children show an interest in anything we generally like to give a child safe exposure to their interest. When a child knows the McDonald sign they are displaying an interest in what the world is communicating to them. It is the skill of recognising a word by a symbol. They are ready for their baby steps into playing with phonics – games that involve listening to the sounds of letters.

My experience and training has allowed me to break the process down into simple steps that are bite size and the right size for young children and takes into consideration the busy family and lack of time available.

We realise not every child will find the path to literacy easy and believe our activities may aid in the detection of some underlying difficulties that lead to diagnosis by a speech therapist. The reality of illiteracy is not for any child. Homelessness, unemployment, health issues and increased crime occurs where literacy fails.

Our mission is to give children a positive experience of interactive literacy prior to school, aid in the detection of literacy learning difficulties and give children a confident and happy start in life in every country where English is spoken and taught to young children.