The Alphabet Talks Book

The Alphabet Talks book is a great resource to promote pre-reading skills for children learning the alphabet. It can be read as a story book or used as a resource for children to enjoy on their early reading / school readiness journey from two years until six years of age.

The Alphabet Talks Card Game

The Alphabet Talks Card Game compliments The Alphabet Talks book. It allows children to experience hearing the phonic sounds with other words and pictures, practice listening for phonic sounds and finding words with a specific sound. Easy to use as a transitional game in childcare or while you’re busy at home.


The Alphabet Talks Memory Game

The Alphabet Talks Memory Game activity develops highly useful skills in visual memory. Our version not only develops memory of position and of a picture but also the visual memory of letters and the auditory memory of a letter’s phonetic sound. Unconsciously children are learning the very foundations of becoming a fluent reader as they listen to the adult and gradually build up a knowledge of phonic sounds for themselves.

About Me & Race Into Reading

Race into Reading embodies a belief that children enjoy the pleasures of reading and that we adults, are the gatekeepers of their learning activities. Our belief is children deserve the freedom to explore and use interactive materials to understand how words are conveyed in writing.

Why It Works

Fun, interaction, variety of games, a book and a supportive adult are some of the reasons Race into Reading is successful. Principles like using colour that aids memory, direct teaching of concepts to avoid confusion and an adult present to monitor a child’s hearing, word pronunciation and other things a machine cannot do.

Presentations & Talks

Allow me to inspire you.
As Mary Poppins says, “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun; find the fun and SNAP the job’s a game!”
This includes staff meetings and staff training. Let me do this for you in the form of a trivia night! Most of us are in the middle of the Bell Curve, even in our chosen profession. Average in general but usually at the high end in particular activities. In these areas we have passion or we are gifted and we excel.

Bronwyn Drury

Bronwyn Drury

Author & Director

I am passionate advocate for children’s learning and literacy. Recently I have taken the insight gained from years in the Early Childhood field as well as research from as recent as 2017 and developed engaging and creative books and resources to aid children on their journey in literacy. Read more.



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